About Us

Pipe Dream was born when its founder, Jake Westling, found himself cleaning more and more of his friends’ (and their friends’) pipes and bongs in his kitchen because he was good at it and they didn’t want to deal with the goop and stench. They all wanted pieces that were as good as new without having to buy new once theirs became so dirty smoking became unbearable. Who doesn’t want to taste what’s in the bowl rather than the accumulated resin of weeks, months or years?

He has since upgraded the process to thoroughly cleans pipes of virtually any size, shape or complexity. Jake has designed his own citrus-based, nontoxic cleaning solution that, when coupled with intense heat and ultrasound, will break down even the most stubborn smoking residues. Smoking pieces become cleaner than when you bought them!

You might be wondering what happens to all the stinky gunk that Pipe Dream washes out of the dirty pieces. Jake doesn’t want to be environmentally irresponsible in any way, so he has made special arrangements with local Waste Management for proper disposal. The water used for cleaning is filtered and recycled to ensure proper sanitation.

With his “Pipe Dream” and proprietary system, Jake and his wife, Holly, moved back to the Denver area in early 2017 after more than a decade in Minnesota. They’re glad to be back offering this unique and affordable service to the good people of Colorado.