Our Process

Pipe Dream was created to help anyone that has ever tried cleaning their own pipes and, successful or not, has created a terrible mess and associated smells—an experience that often ruins the joy of smoking.

The company founder and CEO, Jake Westling, has created an environmentally-friendly system that thoroughly cleans pipes of virtually any size, shape or complexity. And he has now made the system available to you!

Our proprietary cleaning system is tuned to remove even the most stubborn of residues that build up inside pipes, bongs and hookahs. Jake’s system leaves your pieces clean and completely sanitized, allowing you to enjoy the best smoking experience.

Pipe Dream’s unique citrus-based, nontoxic cleaning solution, combined with high heat and ultrasound, will make even the dirtiest smoking pieces cleaner than when they were brand new!

Curious about the fate of all that yucky gunk washed out of the dirty pieces? Pipe Dream is dedicated to preserving our environment, so Jake has made special arrangements with local Waste Management for proper disposal. The water is perfectly cleaned and filtered to be recycled for appropriate sanitation.