Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-friendly and plant-based, our cleaning solution is a healthy and more effective alternative to store-bought chemicals. Click here to learn more about our environmentally sounding cleaning process.

 Mobile Van

Our custom van is scheduled to be at various locations for on the spot turnaround service.

Click here to check our schedule of mobile locations for Pipe Dream – Lakewood, CO.

Affordable Pricing

Starting at $10.00 per piece, that “new pipe” dream can be an budget-friendly reality. Cleaning pipes of all shapes and sizes won’t break the bank. Click here for more pricing details Pipe Dream – Lakewood, CO.

Events & Large-Scale Services

Pipe Dream now offers our cleaning services at events, such as grand-openings and customer appreciation parties. What better way to say “welcome” or “thank you” to your customers than parking a mobile pipe and bong cleaning service outside your store while they’re waiting in line? We are a crowd favorite at these types of events, expos and other 420 get-togethers!

We also provide large-scale cleaning services to other businesses. Click here or give us a call for a quote Pipe Dream – Lakewood, CO (303) 305-4400.